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We are most pleased to present us, the people who laboured for hours and hours and hours and, well, you get the general gist of it, on this Webservice. First and foremost, we are volunteers...that means we are doing this:

A.To aid and abet us, the cool UFies in hooking up with other cool UFies for fun, friendship and romance.
B.As we are serving penance for some eveel(s) committed in a past life.
C.Because we can.

We are:


20's something Ubergeek and Ultimate UFie

Arcterex slaved for hours upon veritable hours, never seeing the light of day, leaving the comfort of his terminal only under the cloak of darkness to recharge on the odd Guinness (his beverage of choice). Pizza provided him the five food groups (and thus a semblance of nutrition) and Coke, via IV injection, the mandatory caffeine to see him succeed in this endeavour. Coding everything, swearing at postgres, loving vi, authoring the HTML and hunting and squashing down bugs, he forged bravely on to see this site n'service up and running.

Arcterex would like to thank id Software for Quake 2 as it provided him with a diversion necessary to remain sane, Cornelius K. for being a reasonably well behaved cat during the development of this site, and Perl for being the glorious language that it is. If you would like to contact Arcterex for any reason whatsoever (worship, propositions and proclomations of undying devption being the best reasons) shoot him an email at


20's something Garden Variety Goddess, Hopeless and Hapless Romantic

Iambe did the words. Ya, that is it - the wordy bits, strings of text without an operator anywhere close. Iambe is responsible for the grueling day to day task of submission verification n'stuff as well as correspondence with anyone using this keener than a new Sinatra album service. She also provides submission editing and garden variety and beyond advice on love, romance, seperating whites from colours in the wash and whatever for any one requesting it.

Iambe would like to thank Arcterex for being so durn hoopy frood in doing the backend stuff that she could not, Coke, Quad Damage Mochas, Chocomoo and last but not least Guinness (no Not altogether) for providing her with the liquid refreshment needed to undertake this task, her Mom for being about the coolest Mom out there, Dad for being one cool Daddio, Tiggersol for helping out in the pinch and the lusers on any Quake server she happens to grace for being cannon fodder in thinking that Chix can not aim. Iambe would like to thank her cats as well, but they honestly did nothing to help.

If you would like to contact Iambe to find out where to have the bouquet of flowers sent, because you need advice, or simply to complain about something, email her at


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