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Wow, this page is *old*. Well, I'm back at it, re-writing things again on my development server to see if I can bring p2p back out of the dark ages of technology and into at least the 2000's. Hopefully I'll actually be motivated this time. Anyway, I fixed some bugs on the server that were preventing people from getting their registrations approved, and imported about 170+ users into the system. Things hopefully will pick up here as well. I also may add some google ads to the page to bring in some extra revenue to help pay for the server. In the meantime please donate via the link at the bottom of the page to help keep the server running.


Well, it seems like things have settled down a bit more. There are still things in the works, but ads are coming in and searches are going out! Again, if you asked for an ad to be removed that was, but then it re-appeared, I am sorry, I think we have most of them now though! :)




Sadly, more data curruption and hardware failure has occured here, and any changes to the database between march 7 and now, including additions, removals or changes, have been lost. Data up to that point has been restored from backup, but since then any changes have been lost :(

This means if you submitted an ad since then, you'll have to resubmit it, ditto with changes or deletions. This will hopefully not happen again, as the hardware on this system has had some donations go towards it and we now have a nice RAID5 system going, which will hopefully stop any future problems like this. 08/09/2001

More Success!
Hi Iambe,

I sent you a note about a year ago to tell you that I had met a wonderful man on P2P.. and that we were engaged. Well, on June 30th, we got married!

We will always be grateful to you and the others who set up P2P. Otherwise, we two shy geeks might have never met...

Here are some pictures from the big day:

Happily ever after,
Adrianne Mora


Just to let you all know, the server will be going down for a time wednesday evening (probably) for a hardware upgrade. This should be short and painless. <crossing fingers>


The time has come to give Peer 2 Peer the kinda facelift that would make an entire legion of Hollywood Starlettes envious. Arcterex and I are planning a complete overhaul from db and content to interface and design. As such we are looking to you for your suggestions and commentary on what you would like to see in the new P2P. We want to know how we can make this a better service for you.

Suggestions will be considered until July 10th at which time we shall both fly by the seat of our pants in implimenting a new look and improved functionality - we both thrive on that kinda fast living.

Let us know what it is you would like to see here before we ignore taste and convention and blend puce and egg yolk yellow together for the new look!


Wow, exactly a month between news items :) FYI, if anyone noticed anything wierd here tonight, it's due to some software upgrades that left the personals DB down for a bit. It seems to be all up and going again now though.

Let me know if anything strange happens though.


Now the keyword search will seach geek code as well.



Recalling a recent count of P2P-derived happy couples, I'm not sure if I took the time to thank you. Mark Gordon (software tester, graphics programmer, geek) and Enid Williams (web designer, geek), both of Madison, Wisconsin, met several months ago after responding to each other's P2P ads, and we're both quite happy. I'm pretty sure I can speak on her behalf, anyways. ;-) I don't think I've ever dated anyone who was more like me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

-Mark Gordon


We'll be having some downtime tomorrow, thursday the 16th in the evening, around 7-9 or so PST for a hardware upgrade.


Added some stats on the search page to see what was going on. I was going to put gender based stats (x male, y female etc) but decided that there are a lot of people who lurk but don't post, and showing a tiny # of one gender vs another might dissuade more of that gender from posting ads.


Ok, so things have been slow around here for a while. Well, there is a reason.

As you may, or may not have noticed, peer 2 peer has moved to a new server. Hopefully you'll see a speed increase as we're on a nice big pipe, and the box running this site has a lot more horsepower than before! A little DNS magic and hopefully this will be an easy and transparent transition.


Well, after a long stint with no new features (but a fine running system), I added the ability to search by a persons PID to the search page. Should have been there from the start... silly me :-)


Just a note folks... if you could keep the HTML out of the ads I'd appreciate it. Either we reject them or we have to strip it out ourselves, and that sucks.



Updated the search script. Now it has a 'details' link, and it also reverse sorts the results. Thanks for the suggestions to those people who sent them in. Please, please don't hesitate to send in a suggestion or a heads up to something that doesn't work right.

... and at 2am we now have age range searches. I can see errors happening here if someone puts in from 40 to 20, but I have confidence in our users. Of course, if people do get confused, I'll try to figure out a better way to do it.


Well, we're off and going, and still serving! The personals are rolling in, and we're fixing little things here. Thanks a lot to the people who have offered suggestions about how to make things run better, or improvements to make. I got mail (for working tonight (thanks Winged!) so soon the need for a remailer will cease, and you can use your own address.

Also, this whole system will soon be moving onto a new box, a new domain, and more bandwidth. I have all that is needed to build a box, and it's just a matter of time. To those who have written in with requests for changes, keep patient, we're working on it.


Slashdotted! Yes, we were hit, and hit hard. A reboot and a few tweaks to apache and we're off to the races again. Thanks to Tiggersol for the logo that you see here, and also some un-mentioned as far advice on the design of the site.


Well, after a month and a half of hard work, we finally have the site up. And on time too!

Hopefully all the little bugs were worked out in beta testing, but if not, they will be soon enough.

Basically this area will be for announcements for the site, new features and so on. We have worked hard to make this thing work for you, the single Geek, and we hope you enjoy, use, but most of all benefit from it.

For now, here is a list of the features we hope to have up in the next couple of weeks or so.

  • create-your-own aliases. Instead of requiring you to have a remailer, have the personals site assign a address to you. I don't want to do this until we have a stable mail server though. Right now the site is just running on my ADSL connection and I think will be taxed without hundreds of email forwarding to be done!
  • display details option on the ads. The main search will show only a couple of bits of information about a person, and you click a link to get their full stats.
  • Results grouped in groups of 10-20. This isn't a concern as yet, but when we get more submissions in, this will become needed.
Down the road we will of course be putting up a SUCCESS page where we will be welcoming your submissions of successful connections.

My *cough* thanks, to the person who set this site as the target for a bit of the slashdot effect. Now I know why suddenly the box had a load of 78!

Tacos always give me nasty gas :)


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