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Well it's about damn time!

Where Do I Look To Meet Someone Just Like Me?

Nothing is more annoying than the bar scene where you spend hours upon endless hours choking on smoke, listening to music that is played too loud, the crowd often too rowdy and if you meet someone you might be interested in, the chances of carrying on an actual conversation, not just a bunch of headnodding over the music are slim.

Regular personals are a great way of meeting people but they are so broad spectrum - people from all walks of life and you end up spending hours sifting, or so contrived it is sickening:

Delicious Blonde Supermodel searching for the Perfect Man, must be tall with dark European good looks, own a Porsche (or better), be financially secure (Company VP or better) to bring me along on moonlight walks on the beach, shower me with diamonds, treat me to lobster three times a week, and share with me the good times in life.

Ya Right!!!

Where to go?

How about right here at Peer 2 Peer, Networking 4 Geeks - Personals Website just for Geeks, featuring not only Romance Listings, but penpals and events as well!!!

Network with men and women from around town or around the globe with the same lifestyle and interests as you. We can just about guarantee that no where else will a person mention their expertise with Quake and HalfLife gameplay, knowledge of object orientated programming, state that they own all of the O'Reillys (some in duplicate) and have the ability to write device drivers in their personals ad.

No pretenses here folx. So get yourself to the Submit page ...get your ad up an create your own personal Peer 2 Peer network with someone special! Or if you are looking for your perfect rocket-dude/babe, head to the search page and pick them out!

Submitting an ad is easy, just follow the simple instructions, fill in the correct fields and you are well on your way to finding the companion of your dreams. The sooner you get your ad submission completed and sent to us (site admin slaves), the sooner Geeks about the globe will be viewing your ad.

As always, we are available by email to answer any questions regarding our wonderful, awesome, extraordinary, marvelous, grand, damn we worked hard on getting this thing up and going, way cool, stupendous, pat ourselves on the back over and over again service to you, our Geek peers.

We wish you luck on your search for the Peer 2 Peerfect companion or friend.


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