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Tips on successful Searching

  • If you get no matches for your search, it could be too specific. Try expanding your search parameters a little.
  • If you get too many matches for your search, try narrowing it down a little through keywords or location.
  • If you put keywords to search for, they are searched in the blurb and comment sections, no where else.
  • If you hit "Browse All" it will display all entries in the Search Type (personals, penpals, events) that is selected.
  • The "nearest urban metropolic" and province/state fields are searched wildcarded and non-case-sensitive. Putting "san" in for city will match "san fransisco", "San Francisco", "San Jose" etc.
  • As this is a new system, it's very possible there are no (or very few) ads in the system yet. Maybe you should submit one?

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