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Tips to Take To Heart

This is your ad! Your time to shine! Here are a few tips on bringing yourself to the best light through your personals ad.

  • Tri two avoide meking supelleng and sum gramatikel erors.
  • Be honest about what you are looking for in a relationship. If you are only looking for a night of wild, passionate, "I never want to know your name" sex, say so. If you are looking for an Old Fashioned kinda girl, say so. Be upfront here people! If you do not know whether or not you are looking for a long term relationship, or a short one, this should be mentioned too.
  • List your interests as concisely as you can, but take not that although long, romantic walks on a beach are nice, listing that as a favorite activity is in our opinion the bane of personal ads. Mention what music you are in to, what sports thrill ya, and what food you like to scarf down.
  • Be honest about what you look like. We can not post pictures (yet), so if you say in your ad you are the splitting image of a GQ or Cosmo cover, we highly recommend that you are.
  • It may also be a good idea to mention how far you are willing to travel to be involved in a relationship - if you can only be involved with someone on a connecting bus route, say so. If you are willing to cross the world for the Lady Of You Dreams or Knight in Shining Power Armour, make it known.
  • Verbosity is not a bad thing in a personal ad, the more you write, the more information someone has to get to know you with.
  • Try to respond to all replies that you recieve, even if the person responding may not be your "type". If the person is not your type, thank them and wish them luck. It not only takes a lot of courage to post a personals ad, it takes a lot of courage to reply to one.
  • Just because you have an ad posted does not mean that you should not reply to ads yourself... ah... just like two ships passing in the night :-)
  • If you would like have you ad removed, no problem. Just send email to <> with the subject of remove <ID> (where ID is the unique id assigned to your ad by the system, in the format UF-xxxx
  • Please, don't post as a joke. People who use this site are serious, and we ask that you be nice and don't be a weenie, ok?

Deciphering the Personacronyms

What could be more Geek than acronyms... but still these are an entirely different set, I thought I would add this handy dandy legend.

Acronym Meaning
A Asian
AGP Advanced Geek Persussion
B Black
CP Crud Puppy
DP Dust Puppy
DWF Divorced White Female
DWM Divorced White Male
HWP Height Weight Proportional
PCI Pretty Cool Individual
SAM Single Asian Male, or someone who does not like green eggs and ham.
SDRAM Sex Deprived Anotomic(ly correct) Male
SWF Single White Female
SWM Single White Male
UGLFC übergeek Looking For Chick
USB Universally Sexy BOFH
UWB2IALLT You would be my second love since I am already in love with Linus Torvalds
WPN Wookin Pa Nub

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